User Help -13p Phone Dating Chat Guide!

Phone Dating Chat Guide

Cheap Phone Dating Chat -so EASY to use!

Firstly, our 121 phone chat system uses an IVR menu-driven system. In fact, you’ve used these if you’ve called any large company and ours gives you all the options to make the most of your 13p phone dating experience. Also note that this guide works for both straight and gay callers.

To start, just dial the number!

Calls recorded, cost 13p per minute plus ‘access charge’

Then easily access the main menu by pressing 0 for the Main Menu at any time. Thereafter you simply choose the options, press the required number key and then follow further instructions. Total child’s play! Additionally please also note that you do NOT have to speak until you want to, please remember that!

User Guide

Welcome & Legal Message

Welcome message, mandatory legal & cost information, then the Main Menu follows:

  • Press 1 to record your profile (your advert)
  • Press 0 for Main menu
  • Press # for Help
  • Press 7 to visit The Lounge
  • Press 8 to modify your personal rofile
  • Press 9 to reach your private messages & mailbox

The Lounge Menu

  • Press 1 to Listen to profiles from only girls who are online
  • Press 2 to Listen to profiles from ALL girls
  • Press 3 to Listen to one girl’s chosen profile
  • Press 4 to Listen to your favourite profiles

The Messages / Mailbox Menu

  • Press 1 to Listen to all new messages
  • Press 2 to Listen to your messages which you have saved
  • Press 3 to access text messages
  • Press 4 to access new text messages

Sending Messages Menu

  • Press 2 to Record and leave a new message
  • Press 2 again to to Listen to your message
  • Press 3 to re-record your message
  • Press 1 to send your new message

Request Live Chat Menu

  • Press 5 from Main Menu to access the Live Chat Menu
  • Press 1 to request a Live Chat
  • Press 2 to send a message instead of live chat
  • Press 5 to add this person to your favourites
  • Press 6 to return to the caller listing

And finally …

Please note: For everyone’s benefits the chat system is monitored, in particular profile messages. So, when recording your profile message you mustn’t use bad language, swearing etc. After all, you won’t really want to to offend people before you’ve even started chatting to them! All profile messages ARE monitored and if yours is not clean (or it is hard to understand) you’ll be asked to kindly re-record it.

Chat cheaply and date safely! Please take the usual and sensible precautions before disclosing ANY personal information to strangers. When meeting always ensure its in a public place and that someone else known to you knows that you are meeting there (aka Buddy backup). Our Phone Dating Chat Guide helps to keep it fun -keep it that way with some common sense of your own!

These are live chat services and all calls are recorded in compliance with the Phone-paid Services Authority. Calls cost 13p per minute, plus access charge. You must be 18+ and have the bill payer’s permission to call. Dates and meetings are not guaranteed. This non-adult service is provided by Stream18 Media, London, W1W 8RP. Customer Services: 0203 035 0033/div>